“We have worked with Tool Tech for a total of 5 or more years. We have had a very strong relationship them. We are continuously looking for business we can send to them. There is always opportunity here when we have customer demand fluctuations; there is always a conversation about using Tool Tech.” – Lana Robertson, Standard Motor Products, Greenville Division, CPIM Buyer/Planner

“When you deal with Tool Technology, you really get attention. The folks at Tool Technology will do whatever it takes to meet the commitment. Sometimes we ask for them to do things in really, really short order. Cycle time can be critical. Tool Technology is focused on keeping their commitments in terms of time as well as the end product.” – Erol Kirayoglu, Specialty Electronics, Founder and Former CEO

“We needed parts on an emergency basis. We had a tool that needed repair as quickly as possible. Tool Tech stripped the tool down, did the repair, and remade parts that were critical to the tool. Most of the tool shops would have taken a week and a half to two weeks. Tool Tech did it in 4 days.” – John Flanigan, South Carolina Metal Products, Tooling Engineer

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